Our primary research interests include:
Details of documents published by members of ESPA Research can be found in 'Publications'. Selected publications can be viewed for free via 'Free downloads'.
We also produce a paper-copy booklet highlighting various facets our research & investigations:
an outline of our metabolic model of autism
evidence from completed urinary studies
behavioural & physiological correlates
use of gluten & casein-free diets for autism.
The book costs 5.00 pounds sterling (cheques/postal orders made payable to ESPA Research).

Please note any decision to implement dietary changes should be carried out under the supervision of a medical clinician and a state-registered dietitian/nutritionist.
For more information about our research please contact us at: info@espa-research.org.uk
ESPA Research is engaged in various investigations pertinent to autism and related conditions. Our multi-disciplinary approach utilises some of the gold-standard equipment and techniques in an attempt to further knoweldge about the underlying aetiologies of autism and to advance the use of evidence-based approaches to improve quality of life and developmental outcome. ESPA Research is registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office with respect to data handling and data protection. Members of ESPA Research have also been subject to checks by the UK Criminal Records Bureau (enhanced criminal disclosure) and approved for working with children and vulnerable people.
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