ESPA Research is committed to continuing the research carried out by the Autism Research Unit into autism spectrum and related conditions for public benefit. Further information about ESPA Research can be found on the 'About us' link.

Our current portfolio of investigations is shown in 'Our research'. It includes studies examining the use of gluten- and/or casein-free diets for people with autism and related conditions alongisde the discovery of biological entities that may provide insight into any underlying metabolic conditions including best- and non-responders to various interventions.
Details of our recent 2-year randomised-controlled trial (RCT) of a gluten- and casein-free diet with children with autism spectrum conditions (ScanBrit) can be found in this section.

Updates on the various investigations on-going at ESPA Research can be found in our 'Latest news' section and via our downloadable 'Newsletter'. Links to other websites including ESPA are shown on the sidebar.
Important Disclaimer:
Information provided on this website is not intended as medical advice. Any decision to act on any of the interventions or services discussed on this website must reside entirely with the person with autism and/or their carers. The involvement of a registered medical practitioner is strongly recommended prior to the adoption of any intervention strategy.
                                                                                      Last updated: 28 March 2013
Various information is available on this website including details of our peer-reviewed published research (see 'Publications') and a number of free-to-view published papers written by members of ESPA Research (see 'Free downloads'). Our research relies heavily on financial donations from individuals and organisations. For further information about ways to donate, please follow the 'Contact us' link. You will need a PDF reader to view selected pages on this website. Click the icon at the bottom of this webpage to download Adobe Reader for free.
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Read a publication about diet and autism here.
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