History of ESPA Research [click here]
ESPA Research was formed in April 2009 as a wholly owned subsidiary of ESPA. We formally began operations on 1st October 2009. All of the associates involved with ESPA Research were previously affiliated to the Autism Research Unit.
Who we are [click here]
ESPA Research staff include: Mr Kevin Carr, Ms Lynda Todd & Dr Paul Whiteley. Mr Karl Hardy based at ESPA is our company secratary. Prof. Malcolm Hooper is our advisor in his role as Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry. Mr Paul Shattock OBE is Chariman of ESPA. Each of our associates brings different skills to our work at ESPA Research focused in areas of psychology, chemistry and healthcare.
What we do
The work at ESPA Research builds upon that started at the Autism Research Unit for public benefit. Our aim is improve the quality of life for people with autism spectrum conditions through high-quality publishable research and the provision of analytical services. Our work focuses on several key areas examining the effectiveness of a gluten and/or casein-free diet for people with autism spectrum conditions alongside the discovery of biological entities that may provide insight into any underlying metabolic conditions.
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Where we are based
ESPA Research headquarters are based in Sunderland in North East England. Our laboratory is situated at the Business & Innovation Centre (BIC) in Sunderland, occupying the Robert Luff Laboratory. The BIC is at the centre of the biotechnology and digital industries in Sunderland. The investigations and services provided by ESPA Research extend across the UK and rest of the World.
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